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The Touch of Light by Helen

Welcome to my home page, I’m so glad you found me!

Have you ever thought that since your parent/relative had/has health conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or any of the other health conditions that are plaguing our world today, that you are destined to suffer too?

You are NOT!

Has your life been one of more downs than ups and you try to do everything right but just can’t seem to get a break?

You CAN!

Are you currently suffering from a dis-ease, disorder, syndrome or other health concern that you are not finding relief from?

You are not alone.
  • The Touch of Light

    "Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it..." Mother Teresa

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    Helen Benko and Dr. Goiz

  • Helen Benko

    Helen Benko - Certified Biomagnetism Practitioner

  • Helen Benko Biomagnetism Certificate

    There is more to life than what we can see.

  • Dr. Goiz

    "Half of the illness is fear and half the cure is faith, not spiritual faith, but simple human faith" Dr. Goiz

Everything in the universe works best when it is in balance. That includes our bodies. What we injest, what we think, what we do (or do not do) all affects the trillions of cells that make up a human body.

Biomagnetism, Bioenergetics, Microbioenergetics, Hynosis, QHHT are all tools in creating balance in our cells, bodies and lives. By achieving a neutral PH in the cells, any issues that are creating imbalance or dis-ease are swept away by the bodies’ elimination systems. Even if your body is in great shape, Biomagnetism can help it stay that way! Hypnosis and QHHT can help you get on with it, clearing away negative life practices, thoughts and outcomes to your situations.

The Biomagnetic Pair was founded by Dr. Isaac Goiz in the 80’s. Microbioenergetics was developed by Dr. Miguel Rios. Visit the links page to read more of the science behind these amazing therapeutic systems and decide for yourself if this is something you would like to experience. I’m so glad that I did!

A healthier you!

"You have nothing to lose except your aches and pains." Helen Benko